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Is air conditioning a good home improvement?

I’ve now had my house since 1998 and apart from giving it a good coat of paint few times since then and putting up shelves in the garage, would installing air conditioning system do any good for it’s resale value and would it also improve the quality of my living in Sydney Australia? That is the question I’ve asked my parents also as well as my family and we seem to think this would be a good step toward home improvement as well as making those hot days much more pleasant to get through in summer.

What are some other ways of improving your house. We mentioned a paint job and that is certainly easy to do not to mention a low cost especially if you do it yourself. It is one of those things where it is literally a coat of paint covering large areas that can give any room a new lease of life. Changing the colour to something that is more modern and contemporary doesn’t cost you any extra so painting is definitely a winner when it comes to bettering your home and garden overall.

So, going back to the question of air conditioning, what would be an ideal model, type, heating and cooling, there are so many questions you would want to know the answer to before deciding on an air conditioner. Looking at the local paper or a local directory in Sydney you find many air conditioning companies who sell and install air conditioning units in Sydney. How do you decide which one is best for you to give you advice on your home a/c solution.

ducted-air-conditioningAfter speaking to friends and family the decision was made to engage FrostAir – the air conditioning company in Sydney suburb Castle Hill to give us a free quote on a ducted air conditioning system that would cover both ground level as well as the upstairs level of our home. Their prices start from $4,990 however seeing that our house is bigger than average plus we were looking for ducted a/c that provides at least 3 zones of control we paid about a thousand dollars more. The technician was very professional, we were given 2 options and that is always what you want – options that you can decide between.

We ended up opting for Australian made ducted air conditioning system by ActronAir that happens to be better than many more popular brands such as Daikin and especially popular Fujitsu Air due to their awesome advertising campaigns that they’ve been running on local television for years now. We went for an upcoming underdog, saved money and got a better system – locally manufactured that not only supports the economy but it provides you with a piece of mind as far as the parts and a/c servicing. A/c systme was installed within 2 weeks of the quote and we can now enjoy hot summer days at home while the air con motor and compressor are blowing out cold air out of those ducts and vents.

So, to answer the question in the title of this post and wrap it up – we are absolutely positive that having air conditioning in your home is well worth the expense especially if you live in a hot climate.